06 Oct 2016

All4Pack Paris (Packaging Exhibition)

IP3 Concept will be present at the 2016 Packaging and Handling Exhibition in Paris

06 Oct 2016

Did you know?

10% of the workplace accidents in the logistics area are caused by wooden pallets

25 Mar 2016

New implantation projects

For a few months now, the company IP3 Concept is negotiating new concessionaire implementations worldwide..

18 Mar 2016


Through our concessionaire Epalia, a French e-commerce site should be available shortly to distribute Epakub blocks and pallets. We will inform you of the launch date.

20 Jan 2016

The IP3 System cube becomes Epakub in France

Only for the cube, the company IP3 Concept and the company Epalia chose together the brand Epakub to distribute the IP3 System cube in France.


France Concessionaire

Since October 15th 2015, the company EPALIA, a subsidiary of the Suez Environnement group, joined us as an exclusive concessionaire for the French market.

The company EPALIA has three cardboard pallet production sites in France and will continue to open additional sites in the months to come.

EPALIA is working with several cardboard producers, which makes the company able to answer to a very broad range of needs.

For instance, the company EPALIA works with cardboard makers and currently has pilot sites. Therefore, the progressive implementation of the network in France allows the company to answer with flexibility and expertise.

EPALIA offers customizable services like manufacturing cardboard pallets from a mobile home.

Contact details:

EPALIA company, a subsidiary of the Suez Environnement group, owns 35 production and commercial sites in France.

For a first contact:

EPALIA France Direction commerciale (Sales Department)

EPALIA – 18 rue Felix Mangini – CS 90740 – 69526 LYON Cedex 09

Phone number: +334 28 00 03 30

Email : contact@epalia

Website: www.epalia.fr






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