06 Oct 2016

All4Pack Paris (Packaging Exhibition)

IP3 Concept will be present at the 2016 Packaging and Handling Exhibition in Paris

06 Oct 2016

Did you know?

10% of the workplace accidents in the logistics area are caused by wooden pallets

25 Mar 2016

New implantation projects

For a few months now, the company IP3 Concept is negotiating new concessionaire implementations worldwide..

18 Mar 2016


Through our concessionaire Epalia, a French e-commerce site should be available shortly to distribute Epakub blocks and pallets. We will inform you of the launch date.

20 Jan 2016

The IP3 System cube becomes Epakub in France

Only for the cube, the company IP3 Concept and the company Epalia chose together the brand Epakub to distribute the IP3 System cube in France.


The IP3 Concept pallet is very light

The cardboard pallet is really lighter! Better 

Lighter, simpler to transport

Our IP3 System cardboard pallets can be 5 to 10 times lighter than a wooden pallet.


15 kg saved per pallet (1200x800mm) generates a total weight gain of 490 kg per semi-truck, thus enabling to reduce transport costs and limit, at the same time, greenhouse gases emissions.


One IP3 System cube weights on average 155 grams. To produce a 1200x800 standard pallet, 9 cubes are needed that is to say a total weight of 1 395 grams. The sheets weights 800 grams on average. Consequently, a standard pallet weights 2 195 grams, that is to say less than 2,2 kg!



Better working conditions thanks to IP3 System

Less than 3 kg on average for an IP3 System cardboard eco-pallet of 1200x800mm, 1200x1000mm, 1150x1150mm, etc. dimension.

The cardboard pallet helps improve working conditions: less back pain (musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs), less sick leaves, less work injuries.


Operators often encounter the problem to manipulate wooden pallets: it’s heavy at the beginning of the shift and even more in the end, and the goes on every day. An operator is likely to lift more than 500 kg of wooden pallets per working day by handling between 100 and 300 pallets per day on average. This is very bad for the back and for the career management inside the company since it may cause a premature physical fatigue.


The CRAM (Regional health insurance fund) recommends to use lighter pallets in order to limit MSDs. Furthermore, the CRAMIF (the Parisian health insurance fund) declares that 10% of the workplace accidents happening in the logistics area are caused by wooden pallets. We invite you to visit their website: http://www.cramif.fr/pdf/risques-professionnels/dte-22-4-manutention-manuelle-logistique-palette-bois-memoprev-cramif.pdf.

There are many risks for a company that is not looking for new solutions like lighter cardboard pallets.


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