06 Oct 2016

All4Pack Paris (Packaging Exhibition)

IP3 Concept will be present at the 2016 Packaging and Handling Exhibition in Paris

06 Oct 2016

Did you know?

10% of the workplace accidents in the logistics area are caused by wooden pallets

25 Mar 2016

New implantation projects

For a few months now, the company IP3 Concept is negotiating new concessionaire implementations worldwide..

18 Mar 2016


Through our concessionaire Epalia, a French e-commerce site should be available shortly to distribute Epakub blocks and pallets. We will inform you of the launch date.

20 Jan 2016

The IP3 System cube becomes Epakub in France

Only for the cube, the company IP3 Concept and the company Epalia chose together the brand Epakub to distribute the IP3 System cube in France.


A flexible industrial manufacture with IP3 System ®

IP3 System® technology

IP3 System ® is the brand of IP3 Concept’s industrial concept

Our concept’s strategy is based on the IP3 block.

The manufacturing process is unique and exclusive. The concept is based on the manufacturing of standard 130x95x100mm size blocks. Upon request and depending on the market volumes we can also design other dimension blocks, like 90x90x50mm for example.

Based on patented IP3 System blocks, we can design a very broad product line like cubes/blocks, pallets, displays, boxes, isothermal boxes, wedging, etc. Those are non-limiting examples. 


Our strategy is also based on the design of economical machines to enter industrial markets.


Provided that machines are available immediately, we offer our patented IP3 System Module 1, which can be installed in a few minutes and on just 10m2 (excluding stocks) in order to manufacture with an operator at least 700 blocks per hour. Of course, depending on the workstation organization, the machine can go faster... A simple 220 volts and 10 amperes outlet together with a compressed air connection is all you need to start producing. The machine is playful thanks to its on-board computer system, accessible via an intuitive touchscreen.

The machine weights only 600kg and can be easily moved on its casters. According to the European safety standards, the machine has safeties that guarantee the operator’s comfort. Equipped with an on-board computer system, the machine is easily set-up and can issue reports.


The machine is eco-responsible as it uses water-based glue without any solvent. It cleanses itself with a simple water suction means. It has a low energy consumption and does not heat up since doesn’t use heating glue with solvent emissions.


At a lower cost and in concurrent operation time, the machine glues the blocks to lock them and it can also mark the four faces without requiring a complicated printing unit nor solvents.


In just a few hours, your staff is trained!


Of course, do not hesitate to contact us for further explanation.


In case of high volumes, our design office is at your disposal to adapt the right manufacturing formula. Because IP3 System adapts itself to your needs.


IP3 System, a resourceful concept!

Manufacturing IP3 System pallets is now within everyone’ reach


To assemble pallets, IP3 Concept offers immediately a second pallet assembly machine, named IP3 System Module 2. The width and height are adjustable by the millimeter to up to 1200x1200mm. Thereby making it possible to comply with most market standards, along with specific pallet needs with various block positioning. The pace is equivalent between standard and specific pallets with similar dimensions.

Like with IP3 System Module 1, the IP3 System Module 2 is mobile and can be set up in just a few minutes. Eco-responsible, it does not need electricity, only compressed air. The assembly glue is an effective water-based solution without any solvent. The machine cleanses itself with a simple water suction means. 9m2 are enough to set it up (excluding stocks). Just like IP3 System Module 1 or a copy machine, the IP3 System Module 2 can be easily moved on its casters to be stored. Of course, we designed it according to the European safety standards for the operator’s comfort.


Depending on the pallet dimension to manufacture, the number of blocks to glue and the workstation organization, this industrial machine can manufacture on average +/- 60 pallets per hour and without electricity. It just needs a compressed air connection. Settings are simple and are made just in a few minutes to change pallet dimensions. Thanks to the dual-station, the pallet assembly is easy to set up.


In just a few hours, your staff is trained.


En cas de quantités importantes, notre bureaux d'études peut se mettre à votre disposition pour adapter la bonne formulation de fabrication automatisée.

IP3 System s'adapte !


Blocks are available in self-adhesive version

Great! You can now assemble or repair your cardboard pallets in-situ, without any complicated tool. No hammer, no nail, no adhesive, which strongly reduces the risk of accident or injury.



Together with our partners, we developed a powerful glue that can remain opened for a long time once the cap is removed. But be careful, when it’s in contact it really does glue!

Thus, you can organize simple and fast assembly stations directly on-site, by receiving pre-assembled and sealed blocks, provided with positioning glue to make on your own your pallet wrappings, displays, containers, wedging, etc.


We can also, subject to volume, we can offer specific blocks, repositionable and/or reusable for example.  


Everything is conceivable with IP3 System blocks!


Exclusive and unique! IP3 System is mechanically waterproof

Thanks to its patented system, the block is hermetically sealed. Depending on the cardboard quality, it can be totally waterproof et thus meet sea transport problems for example. Do not hesitate to contact us for further explanation.


The block is marked at lower costs

At the same time as the block is automatically assembled, it is also marked on the four sides. It saves hours of printing machine time.


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