06 Oct 2016

All4Pack Paris (Packaging Exhibition)

IP3 Concept will be present at the 2016 Packaging and Handling Exhibition in Paris

06 Oct 2016

Did you know?

10% of the workplace accidents in the logistics area are caused by wooden pallets

25 Mar 2016

New implantation projects

For a few months now, the company IP3 Concept is negotiating new concessionaire implementations worldwide..

18 Mar 2016


Through our concessionaire Epalia, a French e-commerce site should be available shortly to distribute Epakub blocks and pallets. We will inform you of the launch date.

20 Jan 2016

The IP3 System cube becomes Epakub in France

Only for the cube, the company IP3 Concept and the company Epalia chose together the brand Epakub to distribute the IP3 System cube in France.


Reduce CO2 emissions thanks to the IP3 SYSTEM CARDBOARD PALLET

 Less CO2 emissions

Substantively lighter than wooden pallets, IP3 System blocks and pallets help reduce the weight during transportation. They lower at the same time fuel consumption and CO2 emissions during the transportation or when restarting the engine for each delivery for instance. A weight reduction of 15kg per bearing pallet generates a total weight reduction of 495 kg per semi-truck (15 kg x 33 Pallets).

If used for the staking pallet, the weight reduction can be of 1 500 kg! For further explanation, do not hesitate to contact us.


The cardboard pallet improves, among others things, the fluidity of “One Way Pallet” type of flows, by avoiding to come back on site with empty, dirty and sometimes broken pallets. Cardboard pallets are eliminated at the end of their life cycle with compactors, since they are considered as used paper/cardboard and then resold to paper manufacturers to produce new, universal and recycled corrugated cardboard. And so the circle is complete!  Of course, other indirect costs are also proven. We invite you to contact our sales department to discover all the benefits of IP3 System cardboard blocks and pallets. For logistics at its fair value by limiting your carbon footprint.

Corrugated cardboard IP3 System solutions .

The IP3 System block, foundation of our patented technology, is designed to be manufactured anywhere in the world. The corrugated cardboard is universal and very economical. In addition to corrugated cardboard, we also considered the gluing aspect by proposing solutions that enable the use of glue without any solvent. These glues are easily miscible in paper pulp recyclers. This formula can also limit the carbon footprint by avoiding for instance the use of thermal resinous glue melters, which are electricity and maintenance intensive. Melters may diffuse solvents, requiring the installation of extra costly ventilation and filtration equipment to comply with current legislation.


IP3 Concept cardboard pallets are 100% recyclable.

The recycling process, which is now very efficient and common in the used paper and cardboard industry, makes it possible to reuse several time the material, up to more than 12 times and as long as there are fibers to salvage. Thus, the recycling loop is closed by producing new IP3 System blocks and pallets, totally safe and suitable for use. This recycling formula directly eliminates the cost of lost or returnable pallets. The gain in indirect costs can be very significant.


An eco-responsible image vector in the eyes of your clients

Easy to implement, IP3 System blocks and pallets can represent a communication source by printing the right information to help your client better recycle for example.

Unlike wooden pallets, IP3 System blocks and pallets are printable. For you and your clients, in order to promote products or brands on the block by placing logos or pictograms but also recycling recommendations for instance.

The platters’ surfaces also represent a cheap communication opportunity. Printing instructions can be a way to guide operators thanks to tracking or recommendations regarding the goods or empty pallet manipulation.

In adopting our smart IP3 System pallet, you strengthen and highlight your eco-responsible approach with your clients.


Economical RFID solutions, built in the block, are possible.

If you choose an innovative “cardboard pallet” formula. IP3 Concept is in position of providing you with support to reposition and adapt all your packaging line.

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